Future Litters 

No litters are planned at this point in time. 

Resources for Prospective Puppy Owners

If you are new to the breed, I highly recommend purchasing the book "Your Rhodesian Ridgeback Puppy: The Ultimate Guide to Finding, Rearing, and Appreciating the Best Companion Dog in the World" by Denise Flaim.  Rhodesian Ridgebacks are a wonderful breed, but they can be challenging and are not right for every home.  This book does a wonderful job explaining the breed, and gives great information on how to properly find and raise a ridgeback puppy.  I highly recommend getting this book BEFORE getting your puppy.

We also like Ian Dunbar's book, "Before and After Getting Your Puppy, The Positive Approach to raising a Happy, Healthy, and Well-Behaved Dog.  ‚ÄčAlthough this book has a lot of text and not many photos, it has some great information for the correct way to raise a puppy.  Another good resource to get BEFORE you get your puppy.

Also a favorite is Jane Killion's "When Pigs Fly--Training Success With Impossible Dogs".  This book is great for adult dogs, but the methods described in the book are equally applicable to puppies.  This book was a HUGE help for me when learning to work with my Ridgebacks to do performance sports, and to just be great members of the family.

Lastly is the set of videos by Jane Killion on Puppy Culture. We plan to raise our puppies using the Puppy Culture Methods. Although the main Puppy Culture Video was developed more for breeders, it is still a great resource for puppy owners.  It will give you an idea of how your puppy was raised, and what to expect when you get your puppy home.  The first 12 weeks of a puppy's life is a key period of time for a puppy's social development.  During this period they must be exposed to many new things, in a safe positive manner, so that it the puppy can become a resilient, well-rounded member of the family.  We will start the puppy off on the right foot for the first 8-9 weeks, but it'll be up to the puppy's families to carry on the training.  See WWW.puppyculture.com for more information.

Lastly, please check out the articles on the RRCUS Breeder List page.  This is also a great page to look for ethical breeders of ridgebacks!  Another good resource to look for ethical breeders in the Pacific Northwest is the NW Rhodesian Ridgeback Club website.  There is a breeder list here as well.  Not all breeders are on both lists, so check both pages.